Paper Bag Menswear Skirt

Happy Monday ladies!  Today I wanted to share a simple idea on how to wear a paper bag waist garment.  I made this skirt with 2 different pair of men's dress pants that my husband no longer wanted.  It was done without a pattern and I barely had enough fabric to complete it.  LOL!  But, it worked somehow.  I love pin stripes and the linen material is light enough for Spring and Summer, yet the thicker and darker panels make this look wear-able for Fall also, which is nice.  
Read below for some tips on this look!

Skirt: designed by me
Shirt:  JcPenney
Shoes:  Theory

Style Tips

1.  A statement necklace is a great way to add a touch of glamour to this very neutral look.  

2.  Paper bag waists are hard to wear and a lot of women are shy to try the waist out, but they look best worn with fitted tops or shirts tucked in.  Avoid wearing bulky and flowing tops with paper bag waists.  

3.  Vertical stripes are a short girl's best friend.  If you are petite, I highly recommend this type of look to add length and a shorter hemline also helps as well.  

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by today!  


  1. Just so cute, love this skirt :) You look wonderful. Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a lovely week x

  2. Great skirt, the fit is perfect!

  3. Hi Pip, I love the unique shape and style of this skirt, it perfectly shows off your amazing svelte figure and the seeing is superb. Thanks for your comment... Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

  4. Pip! I'm glad to hear that you, your husband and your son were had the wonderful time on the passed weekend:). This is such a great used of husband old pants, and you made it perfectly beautiful. I love it as it as unique the skirt is and so you look lovely as well:). wish you a happy new week sweetie:). oxoxo.


  5. Oh my gosh, that skirt is SO pretty! I absolutely love it.

  6. wow this is so creative. I would have never thought to do this, great job. Its very lanvin esque.

  7. Well done, well done! You know what you are doing which I like and admire!

  8. so happy to see how far you have come with your sticjing , the skirt look store bought ..
    i stay away from paper bag waist line looks so huge but i will give it a try with skin hugging top as per your recomendation
    Keep in touch

  9. This is a great look on you... I like that you have suggestions on how people can wear the clothing item... I agree that tucking in a nice fitted shirt would look fabulous with this style... You are doing so great Pip... it is amazing how far you have come in such a short time. Keep up the great work, I am always excited to see you have posted... have an awesome day :)

  10. You look very lovely!

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  11. Pip, I am so in love with your DIY skirt- it's so cute and versatile! Love how you matched it with that top and the necklace for a nice, neutral-coloured look.

    Chic Nikkie

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  13. I am so grateful for your feedback on my last post :)

  14. Nice Skirt

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  15. What a lovely look! I so love this. Have a great day. :)

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  16. I love the way you styled that skirt!! xx



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