Preview: A Cropped Top/Skirt Set I Designed

After another yet busy week of trying to learn to work with elastic, darts, and even try to make stuff without a pattern, I must say I am pleased with how much I learned so far.  I had to rip seams apart on many occasions this week with this latest project, and had to use stitches in places I really didn't want to, but I am learning and definitely learning fast from my mistakes.  Above is my my 2 piece set I am going to show you Monday as an outfit post.  Currently, while I am trying to learn everything and anything I can about designing clothing and sewing, I am using very old fabrics my kind Mother-in-law gave me for practice.  I took what I could for now and am trying to make the best I can with the fabrics.  I love old fabrics and vintage, so I am digging the old fabrics a lot that I have.  It's a great pattern and print mixture I created and I am excited to share with you for the feedback.  I added a separate piece of fabric to the bottom hemline because I made a mistake, but Monday you will see the results and how this looks on.  Hope you all have a great weekend and next week will be 2 outfit posts and I am planning to post Mondays and Thursdays from now on.  Just want to give you a heads up to those of you who visit regularly.  See you soon!  

Thanks for stopping by today and have a 
wonderful day! 


Pearl in fashion said...

Great job girl! :)

visit me soon on http://pearlinfashion.blogspot.co.at/

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous, great job. I like this fabric...have a lovely weekend x

Jenny Scott Russell said...

Looks great! x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Jenny Scott Russell said...

Looks great! x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Jackie Harrison said...

So far that looks amazing I event like the pattern. Enjoy your weekend doll.

Pooja Mittal said...

U are surely learning very fast.. Cannot wait for the complete outfit on Monday
Keep in touch

Simply Besos said...

cute top!

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh my gosh, that looks SO great! I love that pattern.

Saretta Thais said...

Sewing can be really hard; I pretty much gave up on it, haha; but this is fantastic! I love what you created; keep up the great work! ;)

xo Saretta
The Lion in Jewels

Cissy Zhang said...

Wow. Looks amazing. Great job! Stylish combo.

xx Cissy

Mary Tur said...

Cute things)


MrsVain said...

Wow! it looks great :)
Mrs Vain

Helder Pereira Coelho said...

Love it! It looks great

Christina Langner said...

Wow this looks gorgeous! You did such agreat job and the colours are amazing!

Much love xx

Janet Taylor said...

Lovely skirt!

Sam said...

You are doing amazingly well Pip, I am so proud and thrilled for you, I hope to see a whole line in the future!

Lia Crystal said...

Oh, beautiful combo. You did great job and you have a talent. :)
Fashion Happenss

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Pip you have a lot of talent, I love top and skirt, you did an amazing job!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Launna said...

Pip, you are coming along so great with the sewing... I think the outfit is adorable... Can't wait to see it on Monday..

Soon you will be an expert :)

Martina, Elegant 40 said...

You are good and fast!

Brandator said...

Amazing top and skirt!!! You are so talented!!!
I love your blog & style!!!
Let`s follow each other? ;-)


the chilicool said...

you did a great job both top and skirt are just fab!

New post

Paola Lauretano said...

Great job Pip.... super stylish result!!!!!
<3!!! Happy un day doll!!!

Tanya said...

You should have been proud Pip. Amazing job. Very cute pieces I love them.

Have a great weekend!


Pia J said...

Great job! Can't wait to see this on you. I wish I could sew, tried a few times but never stuck with it.


Kacrates said...

Love that crop top. Cant wait to see how you wear it pip!

I cant do crop tops, id need a drop top because of my muffin top LOL

Anamika said...

Quite creative
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Sam said...

Happy Monday Darling, hope its an enlightening one.

belinda said...

Seriously, Pip!!!
You designed this outfit. Wow... I think its gorgeous.
I'm truly impressed. Well done!

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Anna Martin said...

Beautiful job with this! The colors in both pieces are perfect!

- Anna