Mixing Grays With Color

Today I would like to discuss how important Gray plays a part in our fashion world.  Not only is it a great neutral for Fall and Winter, but it can also be worn in Spring and Summer as well paired with bright colors.  My favorite colors from Pantone's Spring Color Choices were Paloma Gray, Freesia Yellow, and Celosia Orange.  

My dress has a mix of all three in my own version of color choices, but I thought orange and yellow belonged with the charcoal gray color of my dress.  I really love bateau necklines and an open back as well and think a woman's back is extremely sexy to show while keeping the front of the body completely covered up and showing no skin.  It's classy and timeless.  My colored straps on the back bring a bit of edge to this timeless silhouette.  

Read below for style tips on this look!


Easy Breazy Summer Look

Nothing is easier than throwing on 3 items on in the Summer and heading out!  
Below is a look featuring one of my favorite comfy dresses I have had for like 8 years.  

Dress:  Wet Seal
Necklace:  Gift
Shoes:  Gianni Bini

Style Tips

1.  Brown shades, amber tones, caramel colors go great with teals and greens if you are looking to bring a drab color to life.  

2.  When dressing simple, yet chic, remember that accessories are the most important part of your outfit.  So invest in bold colors in your jewelry collection for days when you want to throw on a simple summer dress and a pair of heels or sandals.

Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by for some simple style tips!  


Paper Bag Menswear Skirt

Happy Monday ladies!  Today I wanted to share a simple idea on how to wear a paper bag waist garment.  I made this skirt with 2 different pair of men's dress pants that my husband no longer wanted.  It was done without a pattern and I barely had enough fabric to complete it.  LOL!  But, it worked somehow.  I love pin stripes and the linen material is light enough for Spring and Summer, yet the thicker and darker panels make this look wear-able for Fall also, which is nice.  
Read below for some tips on this look!

Skirt: designed by me
Shirt:  JcPenney
Shoes:  Theory

Style Tips

1.  A statement necklace is a great way to add a touch of glamour to this very neutral look.  

2.  Paper bag waists are hard to wear and a lot of women are shy to try the waist out, but they look best worn with fitted tops or shirts tucked in.  Avoid wearing bulky and flowing tops with paper bag waists.  

3.  Vertical stripes are a short girl's best friend.  If you are petite, I highly recommend this type of look to add length and a shorter hemline also helps as well.  

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by today!  


Wednesday Inspiration: SLIP DRESSES

One day when I have the time to put together a Collection for Spring/Summer ( I'm guessing it won't be until late Winter 2015 ), I plan to design Slip Dresses for petites.  I think they are so sexy and comfortable and perfect for a Summer evening out for dinner and drinks, and also easy to pack for vacation.  

Below are some of my favorites that I am totally inspired by followed by some tips on how to style them!

* All images via Style.com

Style Tips For Wearing Slip Dresses

1.  You see it in the inspiration pictures above how great these dresses look with a strappy heel.  They are meant to be worn with a strappy heel.  Why, you ask?  Thin spaghetti straps at the shoulders definitely call for straps on the shoes down at the feet.  Wearing shoes that are thick and clunky just don't mesh well.  Of course, if you are wanting to pull off a 90's grunge look, Doc Martens always work well if that is the look you are going for.  

2.  Cover up with a blazer, or a cropped jacket for night time if you are nervous about bare shoulders or don't like your arms.  

Hope you enjoyed the quick tips and I hope you are all doing well!  I am busy yet again.  This time, I am adding healthy eating, working out and trying to learn fashion design all at the same time.  I really wish there were more hours in the day to get things done.  Women really should walk around everyday in a Superwoman cape as we are all superheroes in my eyes, especially if you have kids and are trying to do it all!  I will be back soon with an outfit post!