Collarless Coat Evening Look

One of my most favorite pieces of clothing to wear are coats.  Some of my goals as a Designer are to get really good at making overcoats (in all styles) because they can be thrown over anything and look great.  Today, I wanted to share with you a new coat I just designed that is made with Microsuede fiber fabric and I also sewed trim on for the first time as well.  
Read below for style tips on this look!

Pip's Style Tips

1.  Wear an overcoat over a fitted sheath dress, with jeans, trousers, skirts or even wear your overcoat as a dress with a belt to cinch your waist!

2.  I love to wear mine with a fitted turtleneck for Fall/Winter and skinny jeans and heels like above.  For an evening out, a clutch works great for dinner and drinks too!  

Hope you are all having a nice day and thanks for stopping by today!  What do you think of the new design?


Striped Skirts Are Here To Stay

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes!  No matter what season, you can be sure that stripes will not really ever be out of style.  I have seen so many striped skirts in the past few years, and they pretty much all look the same to me.  But, a style that really sticks out to me is the pleated striped skirt as shown below. 
So, if you have one similar to the one below, have no fear that it can pretty much be a staple in your wardrobe for many many years.  

The Most Wanted Striped Skirt

pictures via Net-A-Porter

Pip's Style Tips

1.  Wear with a fitted turtleneck for Winter, or wear with a sleeveless top for Spring.  It's that simple... just wear a fitted top with it and you will look perfect.  

2.  Stacked heels look great with a full pleated skirt too since there is nice volume in the skirt usually. Boots work well for Winter and if your skirt length is below the knee, try an ankle boot if you are tall enough to pull the look off.  If you have an above-the-knee length skirt, than go ahead and wear ankle boots, knee-high, or thigh-high boots.  

I hope you have a great weekend, and I will be back next week with regular outfits posts!  


How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Denim will forever be a fashion staple in every woman's wardrobe, however one piece that a lot of women are lacking is that perfect denim jacket.  My favorite type is a cropped version as I think it is the most stylish silhouette.  
Below is exactly how I recommend wearing your denim jacket.  

Pip's Style Tips:

1.  First of all, when wearing a blue denim jacket a lot of women are faced with what color bottoms to wear if they plan on wearing jeans.  Well, black as in the picture above is the perfect mix.  I am a firm believer that all women should own one pair of black skinny jeans as they can be worn with anything.  

2.  A simple tee tucked in works great to keep it casual and helps elongate the figure as well.  I really like the gray shirt as it is a nice change from white.  If you are tall, you can leave your shirt untucked with a pair of wide length jeans for a bohemian look paired with some long pendant necklaces.

3.  Ankle boots are so chic and stylish and the ankle length of where the pant hits will allow most any height to wear this well.  Even if you are petite, as long as you tuck in your shirt, you can pull this off.  By wearing black skinny jeans and black ankle boots, you lengthen those gams well!

I hope that everyone is doing well.  Thanks for stopping by today!


5 Wardrobe Staples That Make One Amazing Outfit

My 5 key must-have wardrobe staples are as seen below in this look I put together.  Each piece will go so far in your wardrobe in terms of mixing and matching and you will always reach for these key pieces when you have nothing else to wear.

The bonus:  You can wear all 5 at once and pull your hair in a ponytail, throw some fast make up on,  and head out the door in like 10 minutes!  

5 Wardrobe Staples That Make One Killer Outfit

Pip's Style Tips

1.  Black Blazer:  You will never ever tire of this basic piece and it can be worn over skirts, with jeans, or even over a dress.  Dress it up or down with dressy flats, or pumps and you are all set!

2.  Basic White Tank:  Invest in one that is not made with 100% cotton, but one that has a bit of lycra in it as well so it doesn't shrink and will hold up many years through lots of wear and washes.  Of course, it goes with everything and looks its very best underneath blazers or cute jackets.  

3.  Boyfriend Jeans:  Honestly, I still don't have the perfect pair, but I urge you to go ahead and find yours so that on a day where you feel blah, you can throw them on with some cute converse or dress them up with some heels.  

4.  Statement Necklace:  Find one that will go with a lot of items in your closet.  I chose this multi-layered silver one as it can go with a lot in your closet and looks great with tees and basics.  

5.  Snakeskin pump:  No matter what, a dressy and fun pump is always fun and dresses up a jean.  Snakeskin in my opinion never goes out of style, but just make sure it's a classy and investment item.  We do not want to spend $10 on a snakeskin bag or pair of shoes - you want to put a little money into this purchase to look well put together.  

Hope this post helps you out on a day where you have nothing to wear, or you are looking to invest in some great wardrobe staples that will forever be in style!